WWE Wrestlers Upset With Snooki’s ‘WrestleMania’ Pay Day

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 02, 2011

Jersey Shore star Snooki is raising eyebrows by how much was given to her for appearing at two Rutgers University question-and-answer sessions on Thursday. Specifically, she was given $32,000 — or more than the $30,000 that will be given to Nobel Peace Prize winner Tony Morrison, author of the book Beloved, will receive for speaking at the class of 2011’s graduation ceremony later this year.

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Steve Manas opened up to Reuters on Friday about the outrageous fee Snooki was given, saying that “The students canvassed for who they wanted here and had the funds available.” Later, in a statement released by the University, they said: “Nearly 2,000 students expressed their wish to attend an event featuring Snooki and a second show was added,” says the statement. “The cost for her appearance included the fee for the moderator Adam Ace, a comedian who has been named College Comedian of the Year by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities, and the booking fee.”

Not only is Snooki receiving a fat paycheck from the University, but this weekend, she will appear and make her wrestling in-ring debut at World Wrestling Entertainment’s annual WrestleMania 27 event from Atlanta, Georgia. WWE depends on major celebrity “gets” like Snooki to get more of a mainstream audience to order the annual pay-per-view event. Snooki previously appeared live on RAW in mid-March and then taped a segment at a bar that aired last week on television. In addition, she is appearing with the company during the festivities in Atlanta, Georgia in anticipation for this Sunday’s WrestleMania.

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In fact, not only are critics of the University outraged by the fee Snooki was given, but the female performers within WWE are upset that Snooki is getting a big fee from WWE for appearing with them the past few weeks while the regular female wrestlers that work for the company are not getting a bonus paycheck from the company due to them being snubbed from the big event in place of Snooki.

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