WWE WrestleMania Results: The Rock, Mae Young & Steve Austin

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 03, 2011

We go backstage to the Rock with Eve Torres. Eve feels his muscles, and then tells Rock how magical Wrestlemania has been. Rock wants Eve to know that he creates magical moments just like that, and says that whoever comes around that corner, he’ll create an unforgettable moment with whoever it is. Rock turns around and it’s…who else, Mae Young! Mae tells Rock that she wants the People’s Strudel, and Rock says there should be other strudels from people she should be craving, like Moses. Rock introduces Mae and Eve, like her childhood friends Adam and Eve.

Mae says not to make jokes because she’s the one and only Mae Young, so Rock asks Eve to escort Mae to her seat to enjoy the rest of the show. Mae slaps Rock on the ass on her way out, and Rock says it couldn’t have been anyone else coming around the corner. He turns around again and it’s Steve Austin. They go face to face and Rock asks if he’s ready to kick some ass tonight, and Rock says he’s here to bring it. They share a tense handshake and then walk off separately.