WWE WrestleMania: Pee Wee Herman Meets The Rock

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 03, 2011

We go backstage to Rock and Mean Gene, who says this Wrestlemania is great. Rock says that he hear’s John Cena’s biggest fan ins here and wants to confront Rock. Gene says he’s already here, and Rock turns around and comes face to face with the fan, and says he should have known. The camera pans wide and we see that Rock is face to face with Pee Wee Herman, who does you can’t see me at Rock. Rock asks if he realizes how ridiculous he looks doing all that and says Pee Wee has potential to be a real man. Rock asks if he wants to be a man with Team Bring It, or if he wants to join the Froot Loop Troop. Gene comes in wearing John Cena gear, and Pee Wee says he wants to be on Team Bring It, so Rock tells him he knows what he has to do, so Pee Wee asks if you “smell what the Pee is cookin'”.

Commercial for the True Story Of Wrestlemania DVD set, featuring comments from all kinds of people like Vince, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and others.

Now we do the introduction of the Hall Of Fame inductees, with Shawn Michaels getting his own introduction with his entrance music and everything.