WWE Moves Wade Barrett To SmackDown! – A Look At Why

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 08, 2011

In real life, we’ve seen presidents and prime ministers be banished from the countries that they have ruled after losing power. WWE decided to use that storyline for Wade Barrett. The 30 year old from England has been sent over to Smackdown. On Smackdown this week, Barrett made a surprise appearance during a match. He attacked Big Show, and the two are expected to engage in a new program. The belief is that Barrett’s character will announce that he wanted to attack the biggest animal in the yard to show his power.

The reason why WWE opted to send Barrett to Smackdown was so that they could keep him as a heel. It is a role that the company feels that he’s better suited for at the moment. With CM Punk replacing him in Nexus, Barrett’s character could not remain on Raw as a heel. The solution was for him to switch brands.

Another reason why management moved Barrett over to the Smackdown brand is to groom him for a possible program against Undertaker. WWE had already planted the seeds for a program between the two when Nexus attacked Undertaker during a title match against Kane at the Bragging Rights pay per view.

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