Wknd. Box Office: ‘Apes’ Leads, ‘Final Destination 5’ Drops 32% & ‘The Help’ Surprises

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 14, 2011

Even though four new movie bowed this weekend in the box office, it was last week’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes that dominated this weekend. Apes brought in $26.5 million, according to estimates, bring its total gross to $103.87 million. That is good enough to surpass its production budget of $93 million just 10 days in. Compared to its 2001 predecessor, Planet of the Apes, though, that was a drop of 16%. The 2001 feature had $123.74 million at this point 10 days in.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the week, however, was how well Emma Stone’s The Help did, raking in $23.5 million for a total gross of $33.37 million. The movie made its theater debut on Wednesday. The book-to-movie adaption likely got, well, helped due to the excellent reviews the movie garnered leading up to its premiere.

Final Destination 5, on the other hand, didn’t do very well, at least compared to its predecessors. The film will likely bring in $18.5 million this weekend, which would be more than 32% off from the 2009 feature, The Final Destination, which brought in $27.4 million during its initial weekend. Considering how low budget the franchise has historically been in the past, the movie will likely still break a profit off of it.

The action-comedy 30 Minutes or Less didn’t follow the pattern of successful other R-rated comedies this past summer with its $13.7 million. The Smurfs rounded out the top five with $13.3 million, which brings the movie about the blue guys up to $101.34 million, just short of its $110 million budget.