With News Of New Zodiac Signs, 2011 Fortunes Of Many Change

Written by Rob Soto on Jan. 16, 2011

The year 2011 is still young, but with news that our astrological (zodiac) signs have changed, does that put a damper on the predictions that our life-long signs have for us this year? Ever since the Minnesota Planetarium Society declared that there has been some changes in the celestial bodies, astrology has taken a new shape with the incorporation of a thirteenth new zodiac sign called “Ophiuchus”. Rumors have already started shooting up that the alignment of the stars on which astrologers made the 2011 predictions is no more the same.

Complete list of the new zodiac signs. More than likely, your zodiac sign has changed. Click here to match your new sign with your birthday

The changes have not only resulted in the inclusion of “Ophiuchus,” but has also made changes in the existing zodiac signs by subjecting them to a precision cycle. The Minnesota Planetarium Society declared that the Moon’s gravitational pull on the earth has caused a change in the planet’s position in terms of its axis. This change had its natural effects on the stars, going on to change their alignment by one month’s difference. Ever since astrology came into being from the time of the ancient Babylonians, zodiac signs have always been based upon the constellation, where the sun would be during the time of the birth of a person. However, this time the lunar effect is believed to have caused a major change in the horoscopes tending to bring about changes in the predictions that have already been made for the New Year.

Astrologers that are being questioned about the recent astrological hype are saying that the change in Earth’s position has altered the position of the Sun, which is why changes in events are likely to happen. With all this astrological changes being reported, all of a sudden people have been left wondering whether their predictions would ultimately come true or not.

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