With His Poll Numbers Slipping, Obama Hits Bus Tour In Key Swing States

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 15, 2011

Fresh off getting his highest disapproval numbers of his Presidency, President Barack Obama will hit the road today in Minneapolis. In addition, he will be taking stops in Iowa as well as his home state of Illinois.

The taxpayer-funded bus tour will start Monday morning when he is flied into Minneapolis and then will take a make a stop in Cannon Falls, Minneapolis. He is expected to hold a town-hall meeting there at noon eastern time and then will travel 115 miles southeast into Iowa, where he will hold another town-hall meeting in Decorah.

According to the White House, Obama will making the tour to “discuss ways to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class and accelerate hiring in communities and towns across the nation.”

However, while the White House is denying that the bus tour is politically motivated, new poll numbers released in Minneapolis, Iowa and Illinois don’t paint a good picture for the President heading into Obama. In Iowa, his approval has fell from 61% to 49% within two years, while his Minneapolis approval fell from 66% to 52%. In Illinois, it has dropped from 71% to 54%.

Iowa has been gone to the Democrats in recent presidential elections and the White House fears that it may go red this year due to all the campaigning the Republicans are doing there this year. Obama is doing “damage control” there as well as in the two other states in order to get local publicity and possibly higher is polls numbers.

The White house noted that the President wants to “hear directly from Americans, including small-business owners, local families, private sector leaders, rural organizations and government officials” about their concerns in the economy and their ideas to restore “confidence in our nation’s future and enhance the sense of optimism for future generations.”