Will Ferrell To Guest Star On NBC’s ‘The Office’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 29, 2011

Fans of funny man Will Ferrell rejoice. It was announced this past week that Ferrell will guest star on NBC’s hit series“The Office” later this season. According to reports, Will Ferrell would be edging the role of a branch manager who is “as inappropriate as Michael Scott” in the hit comedy series over a four episode arc. The inclusion of the comedy artist as a guest star in the show, is the latest attempt by the NBC officials to boast its viewership with Steve Carell gearing up to bid adieu to the series this season.

Will Ferrell would be seen co-starring with Steve Carell in three episodes before “The Office” star departs from the show, four segments prior to the season finale. Sources close to the NBC network have revealed that after Steve Carell bids adieu to the show, “The Other Guys” star would be featured in a single episode along with the rest of the cast members. Apart from the regular viewers of the NBC comedy who waiting eagerly to catch Will Ferrell’s stint on “The Office,” the cast of the popular show are equally excited about his appearance on the series.

Actor Rainn Wilson who edges the role of Dwight Schrute in the hit NBC show took to Twitter to express his excitement about Will Ferrell’s appearance on the series. While confirming the news that the funny-man would be featured in the show, Rainn Wilson wrote on his post, “Will Farrell is joining the Office for (at least) a four episode arc! We’re psyched!”

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