Will Casey Anthony Walk Before July 17 So She Isn’t Harassed?

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 09, 2011

Casey Anthony was originally scheduled to leave prison this upcoming Wednesday (July 13), but it has since been rescheduled for next Sunday (July 17) after being found not guilty for the major counts of allegedly killing her daughter back in the summer of 2008. She was, however, found guilty for lying to police. She was guilty of four counts, in which each count attributed to one year in prison. Anthony has already served three years in jail and will be released on the 17th due to good behavior.

Many critics are upset that she is being released from jail, believing that she did indeed kill her daughter by suffocating her with chloroform back in 2008. Nonetheless, now that she is being released, people are wondering what will be next for her. As noted previously, many expect Anthony to make millions from her new-found fame. She has reportedly already scored about $200,000 from ABC News for the exclusive photos and videos she gave the news outlet. Many expect her to give her side of the story in sit-down interviews, books, and/or movies.

While she is expected to be released on July 17 — the change in date was changed due to a “miscalculation” — many expect her to be released either before or after that date because by having a set date, authorities expect Anthony to get harassed by the public for the case that has become personal for many followers watching on TV and/or watching in the Orlando courthouse.