What Does Verizon’s iPhone Launch Mean For AT&T?

Written by Rob Soto on Jan. 11, 2011

Earlier today, cell phone carrier Verizon announced that after three years of being exclusive to AT&T, the iPhone is coming to Verizon. However, now that the launch is official, what remains to be seen is the impact of this launch on its competitor AT&T which, despite its numerous flaws, had retained the rights over Apple’s iPhone. While Verizon has always raced ahead of rival AT&T as far as network coverage is concerned, a section of industry veterans are unsure whether it will continue to do so after launching iPhone. The users of iPhone usually download data heavily and this is what led to the infamous shoddy network performance of AT&T. In recent times, AT&T has improved on its network coverage as well as speed significantly, but its image of a slow and shoddy network provider has not really changed in U.S. Of course, Verizon has the advantage of learning from the mistakes of its rival in coming days.

Once it is launched, iPhone Verizon may face unprecedented data load on its network. As of now, Verizon is busy rolling out its super fast LTE 4G network in U.S. Most likely its iPhone will run on its existing 3G network which is quite robust. Verizon would do better not to rely so much on WiFi like AT&T did.

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