Westboro Baptist Church To Protest Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 24, 2011

A lot of news has surfaced since we found out that legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor has passed away. But nothing more sickening than learning that the Westboro Baptist Church hate group based in Topeka, Kansas will be picketing her death and will protest during her funeral — largely in part of her being one of the first named to head up the charity Amfar, who supported HIV and AIDS research when it was considered taboo to do so.

Going back to the church, Margie Phelps, the daughter of Fred Phelps — who heads up the church — posted the following tweet on Twitter earlier today: ““spreadin’ the word that #Westboro will picket funeral of serial-adulterous fag hag RIP Elizabeth Taylor Yay!”

On a lighter note, Debbie Reynolds spoke out today on her final conversation with Taylor saying, “I said, ‘Getting old is really sh*t.’ And she said, ‘It certainly is. It certainly is, Debbie. This is really tough.’ I said, ‘Well, you just hang in there now, Elizabeth.’ And she said, ‘I’m really trying.’ God bless her, she’s on to a better place. I’m happy that she’s out of her pain because she was in a lot of pain.”