Watch: Michele Bachmann Says Irene Was An ‘Act Of God’

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 30, 2011

GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is no stranger to controversy, but many are raising their eyebrows at the latest comments she has made regarding Hurricane Irene East Coast storm over the weekend and how she was linking it to religion. At a campaign stop in Florida on Sunday, she said, “Washington, D.C., you’d think by now they’d get the message. Earthquakes, a hurricane, are you listening? The American people have done everything they possibly can. Now it’s time for an act of God and we’re getting it.”

Shortly after the quote and the video (embedded below) made the rounds, Alice Stewart, a campaign spokesman for Bachmman, told reporters that the comments were made in “jest.”

Critics of the Congresswoman were outraged by the comments, feeling that the storm was very serious considering that it caused at least 44 deaths throughout its path across the East Coast and that Bachmann was out of line making the storm a punch line and bringing religion into it. However, others felt differently, saying that she was simply making light of the damage Irene wrought and that she didn’t mean anything harmful by her comments.

Also at the Tea Party-sponsored event in Sarasota, Bachmann also continued to slam President Barack Obama over his economic policies. She also promised that she would make deep cuts in government spending if she is elected president next year.

According to the latest Gallup poll, Bachmann is polling in fourth place nationally with 10% of the vote behind Texas Governor Rick Perry (29%), former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (17%), and libertarian Texas Congressman Ron Paul (13%).

  • Anonymous

    she’s done: that’s as irrational, insensitive, untruthful, and unloving as telling someone who’s child dies of cancer that it was “god’s will”

    • GUEST


  • Jcrumlish

    she is what America deserves another crazy ass religious freak with absolutely no real understanding of the world, political necessity and or true human nature.the reason I believe she is what America deserves is that sometimes we need to make mistakes to learn. We need to learn to not vote with instinct or because some crazy seems to believe what you do, but instead vote with intellect and understanding.

    • Nynetguy

      Couldn’t agree with you more. The last time we voted like that we got Obama!

      • Anon

        Its too bad that we also got Bush that way too huh…

  • The only “joke ” in the USA is President Obama,a one term president !

    Michele Bachmann will get my vote(and millions of others) in 2012 to replace Obama in th eWhite House

    • RicksTR561

      Your statements here are proof there are people that are so stupid they will destroy all we have for their trip to Jesusville. Too bad, your ignorance just should should serve as a warning to others. If your this stupid, don’t tell everyone in the country.

      • Nynetguy

        Stupid is as stupid does. On the one end we have a moronic, useless, pathetic fool and on the other we have Michelle Bachmann.

    • Anonymous

      speak for yourself, millions of others are not idiots and they are certainly not voting for one!

    • guest55

      Great and don’t forget, if she’s not nominated by the party, please, please write her in on your ballot.

  • what’s happening?

    And she is one of the strong contenders for the Republican nomination. Maybe if not for president than vice.

  • Tljensen

    Act of God. Hmmm. I’ve seen that phrase before, let me think. O yea, its in just about every insurance policy I carry. If my house suffers some destruction and the insurance company refuses to pay because it was an “Act of God”, I will proclaim that they are “irrational, untruthful, and unloving, and furthermore because I am an athiest then acts of God do not apply to me so that exclusion cannot possible apply to me.

  • Art

    How insensitive can one person be joking about tragedies like this.

  • Jezebo

    God is punishing the wicked people on the East Coast just as he did the people in Hati. Just ask Pat Robertson.

  • Paul

    I won’t vote for her and I am definitely not religious. But if you hear and see her comment in context it is disingenuous to write a headline that says she believes God is punishing the East Coast. She stole my line because I already used the same act of god line and added we’ll have locusts next. Instead of misrepresenting her comments ask her how exactly she will lower gas to $2.00. That would contribute to substantive discourse.

  • America Today: male and female sickness in the news – Rick Perry, Michele and Sarah. AM radio flakes, Tea Party Ideas… the followers, luck for me are not my neighbors

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad like Sarah she was so busy raising kids that she didn’t have time to read otherwise she may have gained some wisdom. Michelle a famous Republican stated: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Any idea which one? clues: he’s a favorite president and can be found on a penny.

  • from Europe

    I am truly sorry to see that ignorant people as these are allowed so much media coverage. Sad to see that inhabitants of this once good nation are blinded by the same fanaticism they are attacking Islam on. People who use their religion to further themselves must be thwarted from government and politics in general. The Founding Fathers would turn in their graves. Shame on you for allowing people like these to air their poison. And shame on you for even listening.
    Please return to the values you once had. Greed, self-centredness, and a general dislike to your fellow human beings are not what those values should be. Unfortunately, these are the values you seem to adhere to.

  • just me

    So she voices an opinion based on her beliefs..and somehow that’s become a bad thing…everybodys ready to form a lynch mob and run her out of town..every president we have had has been a christian and went to church and even at least once has publicly prayed to god…but that’s ok as long as u don’t actually talk about him as if he really does exist I guess..and I’m sure our forefathers were rolling over in their graves way before this seeing how they founded and built this nation based on their belief and faith in god and the freedom to worship him..if she did say this in jest then it was in poor taste and should apologize for it..but it seems that more people are upset that she mentioned god above anything else..seems there are more fanatics against god then there are for him…and that’s pretty sad

    • Guest

      Mentioning God is not the problem here. It is fine to say that this was an act of God… but when you start adding a “why” and using a tragic act of God to benefit your political agenda… that is a problem. She wasn’t praying when she said this, she wasn’t in a church, and I don’t think anyone has a problem with her being a Christian. It also isn’t jesting if no one is laughing. It may seem to you that mention God was what upset people the most, but you are very wrong.

  • dogma

    the crap is what we have evolved to. not the fittest, just the loud and ignorant. Like the Roman empire falling, history repeats.

  • are you kidding. this woman is a DANGEROUS idiot. its like that time that people were saying that Katrina happened because LA was a blue state

  • Binhalim

    God will hate with our bad action to week people by giving as such huricane to us, thus their leader must think deeply,,,was it??

  • Mariamaria19

    Do any of you liberals have home owners’ insurance? Take a look @ it and it will state acts of god throughout the policy. You need to find something else to do besides b*tching!

    • GUEST

      Tell the hundreds of people that lost their homes,businesses,LIVES,property and everything else and were severely traumatized by this that it was god’s will. Stay the heck out of the Green mountain state you phony hypocritical —. These are real people that are suffering. What the heck is wrong with you. We were the first to have the cajones to fight the redcoats. How dare you say that we deseve this. HOW DARE YOU!

  • Run4thehills

    made in “jest.” yeah, right, she get the votes from the religious nut jobs who know she is winking with that I take it back jest remark, then the idiots who can’t think who take her for her word, will vote for her. I am so sick of this religion, the followers, the GOP, the tea party, have you noticed what they want is the Dark Ages again with them in control. Here is a clue the earth is a mass of ever changing conditions, heat builds up during the summer, a lot of energy is stored, it has to dump it somewhere, comes off the oceans, live on the coast, expect one. Been going on since the big bang, will go on way after everyone is gone. Earthquakes? Same thing, honey. Built up energy from sliding plates. You betcha, in the Dark Ages they blamed in on God. Wonder how He feels for taking the blame? My guess He gets tired of hearing it from the likes of her, and her ilk.

    Oh, PS, sugar, global warming is for real, just ask a polar bear.

    idiots all, they will ruin this planet in the end, all for a buck and power, and kill us all just to feed their egos.