Watch: Kathy Griffin Professes Love To Justin Bieber, Spoofs Jim Carey

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 28, 2011

Comedian Kathy Griffin took a page out out of Jim Carey’s video letter to actress Emma Stone by professing her love for teen pop star icon, Justin Bieber. Just days after Jim Carey released a web video which he explained as being both a joke and serious at the same time toward 22-year-old The Help actress Stone, Griffin admits that she was “inspired” by Carey to release a similar video.

Griffin, who is no stranger to wanting to garner attention to herself, released the spoof video after she received suggestions via her Twitter account on what/whom her fans wanted her to “go off on.” One follower suggested that she pokes fun of the “creepy love letter” Carey sent to Stone, and that is exactly what she went with.

“Justin Bieber, I want you to know you’re all the way beautiful,” Griffin begins her video message, which is in vein to the similar phrase the Mr. Popper’s Penguins star used to open his web video.

Griffin event went as far as joking that she wishes that she, 50, and Bieber, 17, could get married, but later changes her tune, saying that isn’t true, because that would be “messy.” Instead, she said she would rather go “steady” with him. Regarding their sex life, she noted that it would be nothing more than “weird.” Check out the video below: