Viral Rumor Says That Facebook Will End March 15

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 11, 2011

If a rumor that has gone viral is correct, come March 15, the second most popular website in the world (behind Google), Facebook, will close because Mark Zuckerberg was “quoted” saying that he got too stressed out with all the Facebook craze. According to his interview, the site has created too much trouble in his personal life and managing it is apparently becoming quite tedious for him. Hence, he would like to call it off on March 15. Ever since the news source published this article, people have been anticipating that their favorite social networking site would now come to an end. However, much to their relief, Facebook has confirmed that they are not ending the site and its usage would continue.

Facebook has assured in its status update that they did not get any memo about shutting down and would, therefore, continue with the functioning of the site. It also tweeted that they are not going anywhere as they have just started with the long journey. A famous technology blog also got an official confirmation, when a representative from Facebook said that it was not true and urged the people to help them in getting out of the silly rumor. It also said they have not been given any such news and therefore people can feel relieved, as the site would be in functioning order for several more years to come.

Rumors started surfacing when the news source published the hoax quotations of Mark Zuckerberg in a fictitious press conference in California. However, the rumor started spreading like wild fire from January 8, Saturday. It was the 14 most trending topic on Saturday, while 10th on Sunday. However, within a day, the authorities from the website has confirmed the news to be false.

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