Vinny Leaves ‘Jersey Shore’ For Good – Details On Why He Left

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 02, 2011

Earlier this week, Vinny of MTV’s Jersey Shore reportedly stormed out of the house where his other castmates are currently living. Radar reported that Vinny left the house and instead stayed at a hotel in Seaside Heights while the other castmembers of Jersey Shore continued to film the show’s fifth season. Snooki, Vinny’s former love interest, was especially taking the news hard, saying that she “lost the love of her life”.

Vinny was eventually swayed by the other Jersey Shore co-stars to return to the house, which he did, but his stay didn’t last very long as he has now reportedly decided to leave the house for good and returned home to his family’s house in Staten Island on Friday night. Vinny going home, of course, didn’t come without controversy, as he reportedly got into a heated argument with one of his castmates, although who it is wasn’t disclosed.

However, according to OK! Magazine, Vinny was apparently convinced to stay by MTV producers because he was described as being “home sick” and wanted out of the series. This comes off the heels of the stars of Jersey Shore spending nearly two months taping episodes of the fourth season in Italy, and then returning home to find out that they were immediately set to tape the fifth season just days after their trip back home. Vinny was described as being “burned out”, according to various sources.