Videos: Julie Chen & Other ‘The Talk’ Hosts Play ‘Big Brother’

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 07, 2011

For 13 seasons, we have seen host Julie Chen just outside the Big Brother house, usually on Thursdays, where she hosts the show live and gets to talk to the evicted houseguest. But this year, as per usual, she took various media outlets on a house tour. But that’s not all. This past October, Chen received an opportunity to head up a new gig on CBS called The Talk, which is essentially similar to ABC’s The View where the female panel of hosts talk about the latest headlines and interview guests.

With the new daytime talk show that Chen is a moderator of, she had the opportunity to bring along her co-hosts (Sara Gilbert, Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, and Sharon Osbourne) for an undisclosed amount of time where they essentially played one week of the game in the Big Brother house before the real contestants were brought into the house later. For many who have been following the game, it was a real sight to actually see Chen — who many often call the “Chen bot” because of her repetitive nature — actually playing the game instead of hosting the show.

You can view the two embedded videos below, but for those looking for a quick recap of their game, which was aired earlier today on The Talk to promote tonight’s premiere of Big Brother, Robinson Peete won the head of household. All the women sans Chen essentially formed an alliance to oust Chen because of her clear advantage of watching and hosting every season. The strategy worked. Robinson Peete put Chen and former King of Queens star Remini up on the block and eliminated Chen. The women were watching the clips from the show they taped a while back for the first time as it aired live on television Thursday afternoon.

Big Brother alumni, Dr. Will Kirbie and Mike “Boogie” Malin, then made an appearance on the set to reveal the person that was evicted from the house — Julie Chen. Check out the two embedded videos below in anticipation to tonight’s premiere at 9/8c on CBS!

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