VIDEO: Snake Bites Israel Model In The Breast, Dies Of Silicone Poisoning

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 17, 2011

Snakes, take note: if you bite into the silicone breasts of a woman, you may die. Just that happened when a constrictor died of silicone poisoning when he went to bite Orit Fox, a model based out of Israel. The snake took a bite into the breast of a model and it was all captured on camera. It all went down with Fox had the python around her neck during a photo shoot session. The animal bit Fox on the breast after she licked the animal. Fox was given a tetanus shot after the incident but, unfortunately for the snake, he wasn’t so lucky and ultimately died.

A viral video of the incident has been posted on the Internet. In the video, Fox could be seen playing with the animal. At the moment that the animal bit her breast, Fox gave out a high pitched sound and a voice at the background could be heard also shouting. An assistant later rushed to the scene and wrestled the animal to the ground. Fox was rushed to the hospital where she was treated with tetanus. The animal was not so fortunate because it died later from silicone poisoning.

The incident happened in Tel Aviv, the second most populous city of Israeli. Check out the video by clicking here.

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