Rebecca Black Lip Syncs ‘Friday’ On Leno (VIDEO)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 25, 2011

Rebecca Black, the Youtube sensation who released the hit song “Friday” that has generated upwards of 45 million page views, is again in the headlines after her appearance on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, where she was visibly lip syncing the song that made her music go viral. After a cute interview with Leno where the two discussed the criticism she earned from the song, along with getting some calls from celebrities that actually praised the song, Leno gave her a microphone, encouraging her to sing her song to his studio audience.

At that point, it appears that the person in charge of the sound prematurely started blasting her song throughout the studio well before she even put the microphone near her mouth to start singing the song, which started a backlash on the Internet she was not even able to sing the song on a taped edition of a late-night series. Many also criticized the production crew for Tonight Show for not changing the camera angle to protect Black from getting more criticism for lip syncing, although many singers these days do the same and she is simply going along with the norm. You can view the video of her lip syncing by clicking here.

As for Rebecca Black, after her parents paid $2,000 to the Ark Music Factory to produce her song, she is well on her way to receiving major money from the viral video… about $25,000 per week to be exact. According to the Los Angeles Times, she will be earning about $0.70 per download from Apple for every person that purchases her song via iTunes. So far, Black, 13-years-old, has just over 40,000 downloads on iTunes. She is do for a full album in late 2012, according to her Twitter account.

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