Video: Hulk Hogan Makes Surprise Appearance On ‘American Idol’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 25, 2011

Hulk Hogan appeared on tonight’s episode of American Idol as a surprise to inform contestant James Durbin, who has openly talked of being a huge wrestling fan, that he was safe from elimination and had made it into the top ten contestants. Durbin obviously didn’t know it was coming and completely popped for this.

Hogan then told host Ryan Seacrest that he “wasn’t safe” and threw a worked punch at him with Seacrest being knocked away. Hogan then tore off his shirt. Durbin then cut a “wrestling promo” on Hogan. No mention of TNA, the company Hogan works for, but a great appearance on a huge mainstream show for Hogan. Check out a video of Hogan’s appearance below: