Update: A Glimmer Of Hope For ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack & Emily Maynard

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 20, 2011

The Bachelor Brad Womack is a bachelor no more. This past Monday, during the season finale of the hit ABC reality series, he officially proposed to Emily Maynard, a single mother from North Carolina. However, even though Womack chose her, much to the delight of most of the audience watching on television, the two are still going through troubles.

First, upon Womack watching back episodes of The Bachelor as they ran every week, she was not pleased to say the least with how Womack interacted with other women on the show, apparently jealous of his other relationships on the show, despite the fact that the series is a dating show. It should be noted that the latest season of the series was taped months ago. However, the egg is not just in Womack’s face.

PHOTOS: ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack proposes to Emily Maynard during the season finale

Maynard has apparently rekindled some kind of relationship with a previous boyfriend in her hometown, according to In Touch Magazine. It is not known whether the two were just catching up or not, but that same former boyfriend was apparently gushing to all his friends that he is with Maynard, and her and Womack were having troubles.

PHOTO: The gorgeous ring Brad gave Emily

For those who follow the show, the series doesn’t exactly have a history of the contestants on the show going on to have successful marriages; more often than not, the couple ends up breaking up months after the season has gone off the air. Luckily, there still may yet be hope for both Womack and Maynard. Maynard posted a message to her followers on Twitter that she recently flew to Austin, Texas — Brad Womack’s hometown — and met with him. In fact, the two were seen by fans of the show and the two were seen posing for photos for the fans, looking happy. Check out those photos by
clicking here.

Although the two are apparently on the rocks, at least for fans of the show, there is still hope that the two will rekindle their relationship. As of right now, they are working on a long-term relationship at best considering the two aren’t living in the same state, let alone the same house. But considering that Maynard actually flew out to Austin to spend a few days with the person that chose her on the reality show, there still is a glimmer of hope for these two.

PHOTOS: Brad Womack and Emily Maynard meet up in Austin, Texas this week

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