UFC Fight For The Troops Ongoing Spike TV Results (01/22/11)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 22, 2011

Below are on the ongoing results for Spike TV’s broadcast of UFC Fight for the Troops show on Spike TV. Please continue refreshing this page for updated results.

-Mike Goldberg narrates over an show-opening video featuring military personnel and locations, then moved to the typical UFC intro. Goldberg and Rogan then opened the live broadcast, and threw to a very good video package on the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and what this fundraiser is for tonight. Back to Goldberg and Rogan, they run down the fights scheduled for tonight’s card.

-Dwayne Johnson was the first of what I’m sure will be numerous celebrities urging viewers to donate and giving the information to do so.


ROUND ONE: Wiman refused the hand tap and tried to rush in. Miller got to the outside. Wiman landed a few leg kicks. He got Miller to the cage and clinched, with both trading knees. Miller turned him around and landed a number of big shots on the cage. Wiman clinched him again and got him to the cage. He separated and landed some big punches. He pressed Miller back to the cage again. Miller grabbed a Thai clinch and landed a few knees and they separated again. Wiman landed a couple of low kicks as he chased Miller down. He landed a big combination and clinched again. They separated. Miller landed a few knees in the Thai clinch again. After separating, Wiman pressed in for a nice combination. He’s keeping the pressure on Miller well. He pressed in again and they clinched. Miller threw a knee, Wiman caught it and Miller tried to jump guard into a sub, but Wiman threw him down. He dropped into Miller’s half guard and landed some strikes. He tried to pass. Miller tried to sweep but Wiman held it off and landed some big strikes in Miller’s guard. Really nice stuff out of Wiman so far. Miller landed a couple of heel strikes as the round ended.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Wiman. Miller got in some decent strikes, and some good knees in the Thai clinch, but that was Wiman’s round. He was much more aggressive and unleashed some really nice ground and pound late.

ROUND TWO: Wiman pressed in early. He tried to grab a guillotine on the feet and Miller rolled through to get out. They scrambled and Miller nearly got a guillotine, but Wiman got out. He threw Miller back to the ground and went back to ground and pound standing above Miller. Miller tried to sweep Wiman’s leg but Wiman got back into his half guard. Miller finally got back to his feet with a nice scramble. Wiman landed a hard leg kick. Wiman got right back to pressuring Miller, and they traded shots at the cage. Wiman landed a knee as he moved in forward and Miller dropped to his back. Wiman landed some big punches and dropped into Miller’s guard. He landed another big elbow.He passed to half guard. Wiman landed a big elbow after Miller regained guard. Wiman dropped a few double hammer fists and is overwhelming Miller with his ground and pound here. Wiman stood for a few seconds and dropped back into his guard. After being stifled, he stood back up and started unleashing more strikes from the top until the round ended.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Wiman. An even more convincing round for Wiman there. He’s got Miller in trouble here and is well ahead on the scorecards.

ROUND THREE: Wiman landed an early leg kick. He came in with a nice combination. Miller landed a nice left. Wiman continued pressuring Miller, clinching him on the cage. They traded knees and separated. Wiman rushed in again with punches. Wiman grabbed for a guillotine and nearly locked with a transition to mount, but Miller got out of the hold. Wiman landed a big punch and then stood back up. Wiman landed a few huge right hands to the downed Miller. Wiman with the double hammerfist again. Miller tried to catch Wiman’s leg but Wiman got free and went back to ground and pounding him. Wiman stood back up and again landed a few big strikes before dropping back into Miller’s guard. Wiman continued to stay busy in Miller’s guard and would not let him get anything done as the round was wearing down. He stood back up and landed a big right and a hard kick to the leg. He landed a few more strikes and Miller gave up his back. He took MIller’s back after another scramble Wiman got back to his feet and dropped another big right down before the round ended.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Wiman. This was total domination from Matt Wiman tonight, and probably his best overall performance in the UFC. Very impressive.

-The shots from outside of the hanger here for the event are really cool.

WINNER: Wiman via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

POST FIGHT: Wiman said he was going through a lot of nerves heading into this fight. He said to get yourself to the spot where you grow is really hard. He thanked some friends over in Afghanistan and his animals at home.

STAR RATING: (**+) That was a really impressive performance from Wiman. Miller was just outmatched and outworked in this fight, and the way Wiman simply demoralized Miller throughout the fight was excellent. On a side note, the judge that gave Miller a round in that fight should not be judging fights. There was maybe a minute or two in the first round that can be argued for Miller in that entire 15 minute fight. That’s it.

-Joe Rogan interviews Vitor Belfort ahead of his UFC 126 Championship bout with Anderson Silva.

-They air a profile of Tim Maxwell, a Liutenant Colonel with the United States Army who suffered traumatic brain injury from shrapnel to the brain while in combat in 2004.


ROUND ONE: Barry took the center of the cage and Beltran circled on the outside. Beltran finally engaged and ate a big right from Barry before clinching. Barry pressed Beltran to the cage. Beltran turned Barry around on the cage. Beltran landed a few hard punches to the body and dropped for a single leg. Barry held him off on the cage. Beltran landed a number of foot stomps and they were separated from the clinch. Barry landed a hard leg kick. He walked Beltran down again. He landed a nice left and backed away from a Beltran flurry. Beltran popped in with a right. Barry landed a nice leg kick. He threw a high kick but it didn’t land. Barry with a nice left. Beltran got Barry against the cage and landed a few hard punches and then got the clinch back. He landed a couple of knees, including one that looked low, and Barry reacted to it. He continued landing knees and then dropped for a single leg again. Beltran landed a left and then landed a knee to the groin again. This time Barry got the separation after Yamasaki missed it the first time around. Barry’s checking to make sure everything is still. They restart with a few seconds left in the round and neither land a strike before the round ends to boos.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Beltran. Very tentative round, but Beltran’s clinch work gave it to him. Barry did some damage with his kicks, but he didn’t do much overall.

ROUND TWO: Barry landed a hard leg kick early. He landed a high kick and he’s already a lot busier than in the first round. He backed away from a couple punches from Beltran. Beltran landed a leg kick. Barry switched his stance and landed another grazing high kick. Another hard leg kick landed from Barry. Barry landed a left and another leg kick. Barry with a left and another leg kick. Beltran threw a flurry and pressed Barry to the cage. Beltran landed a few foot stomps in the clinch. He tried to take Barry down with a body lock but Barry held it off. Beltran threw a knee to the thigh and tried to take Barry down again, failing to do so. He landed another foot stomp and then they were separated again. Barry landed an inside leg kick. He pressed Beltran down and threw the high kick again. Beltran got a couple of punches in and Barry landed another leg kick. Barry with another hard leg kick. He then landed a head kick but Beltran just took it. Barry with a nice punch and another leg kick. He’s hurting Beltran with these kicks. He landed another left. Beltran pressed in with a body kick. Barry is looking to open up here. He landed another hard leg kick. He got in an uppercut. Barry with a kick to the body. Beltran landed a few strikes but Barry covered up. Beltran tried to swing for the fences and landed a couple of uppercuts. Barry landed another hard leg kick and Beltran ended strong with a few punches and a knee.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Barry. He did a lot of damage to Beltran’s leg, but he let him get back into the round there. He needs to keep the pressure on as Beltran’s definitely hurt here.

ROUND THREE: They trade punches in the center. Barry lands the head kick but Beltran keeps moving forward. Barry again counters a short punch with a head kick and Beltran takes it. Barry landed a hard leg kick again. Beltran moves in with some hard body punches and Barry lands a hard leg kick. Beltran gets Barry backed up to the cage and lands some hard body punches again and got into the clinch again. Beltran backed off and teed off with a flurry before getting the clinch back. He landed a number of strikes on the cage. Barry needs to get out of this spot. Beltran landed a bunch of punches and Barry threw a head kick. Beltran threw another flurry and pressed him to the cage. They got separated. Barry’s going to need to finish because he’s been getting beat up this round. Barry landed a hard leg kick to the lead leg again. He landed another but landed a punch at the same time and got a thumb to the eye from Barry. Beltran continued. Barry landed another hard leg kick. Beltran’s hurting. Barry landed a huge leg kick and another big punch, but Beltran pulled him down. Barry needs to get to his feet. Barry got to the full mount and stood up. He needs to steal this round back to win. He landed a kick to the face and pressed in. Barry landed a body punch and ate one to the head. He landed a body kick. Another leg kick and a few more as the round ended and Beltran dropped to the ground.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Barry. He stole it back late, but barely. Beltran’s punching exchanges in the first two minutes of the round had him ahead, but Barry destroying his leg in the second half gives him the edge. He needed that effort the entire fight, not just that last few minutes, as he took a ton of punishment in that fight himself.

WINNER: Barry via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

POST FIGHT: A very emotional Barry read off his father’s dog tags, who died 25 years ago when he was six years old. He gave a very emotional speech to the troops in the crowd. He said he thought he beat Beltran’s legs to death. Then he jokingly told Matt Mitrione he was fired. You can’t help but like Pat Barry, and that post-fight speech definitely made up for a less than stellar performance.

STAR RATING: (**) It wasn’t a great fight, and Barry let Beltran off the hook far too often in that fight when he was clearly hurting him with kicks, but it was a much needed win for him, and he regained fan support with that honest, touching and entertaining post-fight interview.

-Sergeant Nathan Toews is the next soldier with TBI that is profiled.


ROUND ONE: Hominick rushed forward and Roop used his significant height and reach advantage to land kicks and punches as he circled. And then Hominick dropped him with a right. He stayed patient and made Roop stand back up. He continued to walk forward. He landed a left. He landed a right. He’s landing everything on point. He landed a huge right. Another left and Roop went down. Another punch landed from Hominick on the ground and the referee called the fight. Roop stood up and stumbled forward at Hominick. It looked like a weird stoppage, but Roop was way out of it when he got to his feet, so he was definitely in bad shape. Beautiful striking from Hominick, he was on point with pretty much everything he was throwing.

-A number of celebrities gave pleas to donate to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

WINNER: Hominick via TKO at 1:28 of the first round

POST FIGHT: Hominick said if you’re next in line for a title shot you need to go out there and prove yourself. He said he believes he’s the best striker in the division and he just needs to prove that.

STAR RATING: (**+) That was a great performance from Hominick. The stoppage appeared to be a bit early, but when Roop got to his feet and stumbled forward into Hominick, it was clear that he was out of it and it was probably a just stoppage. Still, Hominick’s striking was absolutely on point, and he solidified his shot at Jose Aldo in April.

-Joe Rogan interviews Anderson Silva via satellite.

-Army Captain Pat Horan’s story is the next told in the profiles of soldiers who have suffered traumatic brain injury.


ROUND ONE: They traded punches early. Mitrione landed a couple of hard leg kicks. Hague got one in of his own. Hague caught a leg kick from Mitrione but couldn’t take him down. Mitrione continued to hold off the attempt as Hague shoved him against the cage. Mitrione turned him around and separated with a good punch. He landed an inside leg kick again and Hague landed one of his own. Mitrione shoved Hague down and let him get back up. Mitrione landed a good combo. Mitrione threw a bad high kick. Mitrione landed a huge straight punch that dropped Hague, and then he blasted him with punches on the ground and it’s all over. Great finish from Mitrione. He went for the kill as soon as he had him hurt.

WINNER: Mitrione via TKO at 2:59of the first round

POST FIGHT: Mitrione said he wanted to be a 265 lb. Dominick Cruz in this fight. He thought he broke his hand in the fight. He said he wants a tough challenge his next time out. In response to Pat Barry he gave him a “C’mon man!” and then encouraged fans to donate tonight. He then said he’d love to thank his hands for being so good. Excellent.

STAR RATING: (**+) Mitrione’s most impressive performance. Hague was a legit veteran challenge, and Mitrione blasted him and showed off very impressive instincts to finish him off. Very entertaining stuff.

-Michael Savioie is the next TBI-affected soldier profiled.


credit: mmatorch.com

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