UFC 130 Results: Miguel Torres vs Demetrious Johnson

Written by Michael Lambarde on May. 28, 2011

Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson: Round 1
Torres flicks out some leg kicks and looks to keep his range early. They soon tie up, however, and the diminutive Johnson brings the fight to the floor. They scramble and Torres winds up on top. Johnson traps him in half-guard and digs short heels into the back of Torres’ thigh. The former WEC champ looks to be framing up an arm-triangle as he tries to extract his left leg and hop to the side, but “Mighty Mouse” is keeping him at bay. Johnson sits up and Torres grabs a headlock, then threatens to slink the second arm around for a brabo choke. Johnson senses danger and extracts his head, and Torres passes to side control with two minutes to go. Lovely sweep from Johnson finds the positions suddenly switched, but Torres uses his legs to sweep right back. Torres drops back for a heel hook and Johnson matches him. Johnson stands and rushes to take Torres’ back, but Torres drops back to guard and throws up a triangle. Johnson pulls loose and Torres rolls, keeping Johnson in guard. Guillotine attempt from Torres before the horn.

Round 2: Johnson uses quick hands and feet, ducking in and out with combinations before driving Torres down with a double. Torres drives his heels into Johnson’s back and is warned to mind the spine by referee Josh Rosenthal. Torres tries to roll with a triangle, can’t find it and they pop back up. Another takedown for Johnson, but Torres is doing work from his back, elbowing and boxing the ears of Johnson. Torres is put down again, but he slaps on a reverse triangle choke. He doesn’t have it tight and releases Johnson after a moment, going back to striking from his back. Johnson can’t pass the long guard of Torres, nor land much in the way of meaningful offense up top. Torres leans to his left and isolates the right arm of Johnson, then rolls through, putting Johnson back in full guard. Torres looks to push off the cage with his feet, but Johnson is in his face now. Johnson hops up and into reverse-mount. Torres throws his legs up and Johnson jams him up, finally passing to half-guard, but the round ends there.

Round 3: Johnson clubs Torres with an overhand right; it doesn’t seem to do much damage, but Johnson scores on an ankle pick nonetheless. Torres quickly closes his guard and ties up the right arm of Johnson, who stays calm and pulls it loose. Side control for Johnson with 3:30 to go, but 15 seconds later, Torres has him stuffed back in his full guard. The battle for position goes on with Johnson taking side control. Once he gets there, though, Torres grabs for a leg lock and Johnson has to take flight. Torres tries to stand, but gets caught on his knees and is forced to roll back to guard. Torres posts up on his left arm and simply uses his length and leverage to sweep Johnson. Torres has full mount with two minutes left, but the ex-champ isn’t rushing. He flattens Johnson but can’t get anything off before Johnson sneaks his leg through the middle and reclaims guard. Torres is in half-guard, tying up the collar of Johnson. It turns to a guillotine, but Johnson escapes to his feet. Another takedown for Johnson and another guillotine attempt from Torres at the horn ends it.

Official scores: Judges Dave Hagen, Glenn Trowbridge and Tony Weeks all see it 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Demetrious Johnson.