UFC 130 Results: Gleison Tibau vs Rafaello Oliveira

Written by Michael Lambarde on May. 28, 2011

Gleison Tibau vs. Rafaello Oliveira: Round 1
Referee Kim Winslow is in the cage for this lightweight bout. It’s hard but somewhat tentative striking in the early going with Tibau taking the center of the cage. He puts Oliveira on his back, but “Tractor” doesn’t stay there for more than a moment, shoving Tibau off the top. They go back to standing and Tibau is scoring with left hooks while Oliveira kicks to the body. Two minutes to go. Tibau wades forward with a huge overhand right that glances. He drives Oliveira to the floor again, and this time, Tibau holds him there. Oliveira is active underneath, shrimping and kicking, regaining guard, and ultimately standing back up. Tibau scores with a hard left hand and plays matador as Oliveira rushes forward.

Round 2: Oliveira looks to play aggressor in the second, but Tibau is keeping his countryman at range with murderous left hooks. Tibau executes a perfect takedown with 3:30 on the clock. On the ground, referee Winslow warns someone to “watch the eyes.” Oliveira slips an armbar attempt and works back to his feet, whereupon he looks for a takedown of his own. A short left uppercut from Tibau sends Oliveira buckling to the mat, his back to the cage. Tibau gives chase. Back mount for Tibau as Oliveira turtles. Tibau has his hooks in and bangs away with left hands to the side of Oliveira’s head. Just as the storm seems to relent, Tibau sees an opening and snakes his right arm around Oliveira’s throat. Oliveira is trapped and forced to submit to the rear-naked choke at 3:28 of the second round.