UFC 130 Results: Brian Stann vs Jorge Santiago

Written by Michael Lambarde on May. 28, 2011

Brian Stann vs. Jorge Santiago: Round 1
Referee Herb Dean makes his first appearance of the evening to officiate this middleweight affair. Stann moves forward, whipping hard kicks to the upper thigh of the Brazilian. Stann connects with punches as Santiago lowers his head and ducks inside. Santiago slips coming in for a takedown, dusts himself off and stands back up. Outside thigh kick from Santiago lands with a thud; Stann returns fire. Stann kicks the lead leg out from under Santiago. A huge left from Stann puts Santiago on his rear and Stann gives chase, shoving his man into the fence. Big elbows and hammerfists from Stann bust through Santiago’s guard. Stann smothers the mouth and then drops more elbows as Santiago gets his wits about him with a minute left. Santiago is warned for grabbing the fence as he spins to his feet, taking more punishment from Stann.

Round 2: Before the second round begins, referee Dean warns the Brazilian about leaving his hand open when he strikes. Santiago rushes Stann into the cage early and drives a knee up the gut. Stann muscles out of the position and it’s back to boxing. Half-hearted takedown attempt from Santiago is shucked easily by Stann, who’s headhunting with big right hands while continuing to chop away at the left leg of Santiago. Spinning backfist lands for Santiago, but Stann retaliates right away with a stinging left hook. Stann catches a slow-moving kick, shoves Santiago away, and lands another leg kick of his own. Santiago tries a flying knee and slips. Stann still working the leg kicks with a minute left, then drills one to the body. Overhand right from Stann lands behind the ear of Santiago and the Brazilian falls to his back. Stann stands over him, blasting away with straight shots to the face. Herb Dean sees Santiago’s lights flickering and steps in for a righteous save at 4:29 of the second round.