UFC 130 PPV Results: Travis Browne vs Stefan Struve

Written by Michael Lambarde on May. 28, 2011

Travis Browne vs. Stefan Struve: Round 1
Struve gets off with an early knee and uses his massive frame to pin Browne to the cage. Browne gets off a short elbow, reverses the position, and gets a separation from ref Steve Mazzagatti. Browne ducks in and out with punches, but Struve uses a huge push kick to keep him away. Struve has a big right kick to the body caught, but Browne can’t do anything with it. Struve ducks big punches, kicks Browne in the body again. The big men tie up and Browne trips the “Skyscraper” down.

Struve turns his hips and tries to put his back to the cage. Browne goes to stand and Struve picks the ankle, tripping the American to his knees. Lighting fast, Struve latches an anaconda choke on the neck of Browne, but he can’t roll for the finish. Browne wants it back on the feet with a minute to go. Browne times a right-handed Superman punch perfectly and Struve bends over backward like a tree in a strong wind. Browne gives chase, but it’s a done deal. The official time of the highlight-reel knockout is 4:11 of the opening frame.