UFC 129 PPV Results: Matyushenko vs Brilz & Couture vs Machida

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 30, 2011

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Jason Brilz: Round 1
Matyushenko throws first, big bunches of punches as Brilz ducks low. A big right uppercut cracks Brilz on the temple, and a forearm finds its mark as he goes down. Brilz’s lights go out as Matyushenko blasts him with hammerfists and Dan Miragliotta is forced to intervene. Brilz comes to right away and protests, but replays show the stoppage was righteous. The official time is 20 seconds of the first round.

Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida: Round 1
Couture whips his head from side to side, dodging Machida’s first punches. The wrestler shoots for the waist of Machida and then dips back out. Machida sneaking some solid right hands through as the 205-pounders feel one another out. Couture pushes forward and Machida wings counterpunches, clipping “Captain America” with an uppercut in the clinch. Couture punches to the body of Machida, who replies with a sharp one-two to the mush. Couture still inching forward, but Machida is being Machida and staying out of range. Machida leaps into the pocket with a knee and Couture tries to bully him into the cage, but the Brazilian won’t have it. Couture tries a waistlock, can’t get it, and settles for clinching on the fence. They don’t stay there long, as Machida circles out and kicks Couture in the gut. Machida lands another knee to the gut in the closing seconds.

Round 2
Couture fakes a few shots, but is clearly cautious of coming inside on Machida, who continues to counter with big hooks and push kicks. Out of nowhere, in center cage, Machida plants a hopping front kick straight out of “The Karate Kid” on Couture’s chin. Randy goes down and ref Yves Lavigne waves it off, the end coming at 1:05 of the second round. Speaking to Joe Rogan after the fight, Couture confirms that he is now retired.