UFC 129 PPV Results: Kyle Watson vs. John Makdess

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 30, 2011

Kyle Watson vs. John Makdessi: Round 1
The lightweights lob tentative punches in the opening minute, the longer Watson flicking out leg kicks. Makdessi times a low kick and socks Watson with a straight left; two minutes in, it’s the hardest offense of the fight. Watson looks to go low for a double momentarily, then thinks otherwise. Another leg kick is countered with a Makdessi left hand. Watson leaps inside to clinch and gets one knee off, but eats a quick flurry from Makdessi as they split. Makdessi turns into a side kick that grazes Watson’s midsection. Hook kick from Makdessi, but it’s off the mark. Makdessi gets off another pair of stiff lefts in the last minute; Watson thuds a kick to his body at the horn.

Round 2
Makdessi getting busy with low and front kicks early in the second. The grappler Watson is still trying to hang on the feet, but despite his reach advantage, just can’t find the range. Makdessi is wheeling backward, picking Watson apart with counter left hooks and straight right hands. Watson gets off a slapping head kick, but Makdessi doesn’t fall. Makdessi goes back to the turning side-kicks and Watson tries to emulate, with less success. Two minutes left in the round and “The Bull” is still playing matador to Watson. Watson misses a spinning back fist and Makdessi lands one seconds later. Big, close-quarters left hook from Makdessi buckles Watson’s legs. He stays up and Makdessi decks him again, this time right under the jaw. Makdessi starts pushing forward with kicks in the last 15 seconds and zaps Watson with a nasty right, and another one-two just before the horn.

Round 3
The lightweights touch gloves to begin the final round and Makdessi whips Watson with another turning kick shortly after. Finally, Watson ties up and muscles Makdessi into the cage. They disengage and Watson seems to be cut under the eye. As he’s checking the damage, Makdessi blitzes. Punches land, further leg kicks and then it happens. Makdessi fakes a right leg kick and drills a spinning left back-fist directly into Watson’s bloodied cheek. Watson falls to his back, out cold, and referee Dan Miragliotta steps in for the save. It’s a highlight reel knockout for John Makdessi at 1:27 of the third round.