UFC 129 PPV Results: Claude Patrick vs Daniel Roberts

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 30, 2011

Claude Patrick vs. Daniel Roberts: Round 1
Roberts comes straight at Patrick, who changes levels and puts “Ninja” on his back. Roberts is leaning to his right, looking for an arm as Patrick scoots him around the cage. One minute in, he finds it and Patrick is forced to slow his roll and defend. Patrick opts to stand and the southpaws go back to throwing. Roberts lands a pair of short knees, but Patrick is controling the action from the clinch. Patrick is chopping away with knees now. Roberts breaks away. Roberts throws a superman punch but whiffs. Patrick lands a nice straight left over the top, then rushes in and lands an elbow before clinching. An outside leg trip from Patrick puts Roberts on his back once again. Patrick lands in half guard. Roberts has rubber guard with 30 seconds left and Patrick backs out. The Canadian drills Roberts with a left hook and Roberts is in trouble. Patrick rushes him with uppercuts, maybe half a dozen to the head and body, but can’t finish before the horn.

Round 2
Roberts absorbs more punches and leg kicks from Patrick for 30 seconds before taking Patrick down. They don’t stay on the mat for long, as Patrick gets to his feet and Roberts clinches him into the cage. Patrick digs a few punches to Robert’s ribs over the shoulder. They split and Patrick connects with a step-in knee with the Thai plum. Roberts misses a Superman punch, then lands a solid kick to the gut of Patrick, who answers with a chopping leg kick. Patrick floors Roberts with a high double-leg and Roberts is sitting against the cage, where he finds a guillotine. Ninja can’t finish the choke, but uses it to sweep and take side control with two minutes to go. Roberts is looking for an arm-triangle choke, but he’s in a tricky spot at the base of the fence. Patrick regains half-guard and open-hand slaps Roberts three times to the back of the head. Roberts looks at ref Dan Miragliotta, to no avail. Patrick regains full guard and then stands, but has his back taken in the scramble. Roberts brings him to the floor, but can’t hold Patrick down. Patrick lands a leg kick and a solid one-two in the last 30 seconds, while Roberts wings a dozen tired punches that don’t connect.

Round 3
Roberts looking exhausted as he lands another thudding body kick in the opening minute. Patrick catches the next one and shoves Roberts into the cage, where he pops the American with a short left and trips him to the floor. Patrick takes full mount without much space to work, driving a left hand or two into Roberts’ face before being stuffed back to full guard. Roberts shrimps after another left hand and gets to his feet. More tired punches from Roberts until he gives up and goes for a takedown. Patrick defends it and grabs a guillotine, then gives it up and puts Roberts’ back to the cage. Patrick obeys the Toronto crowd hollering for knees and throws a few up the middle. Roberts reverses Patrick into the fence and stalls out. Miragliotta restarts them with 50 seconds to go. Patrick is letting Roberts punch from a mile away but not throwing anything of his own. Roberts tries for a takedown with 20 seconds left and it’s stuffed. Patrick tries a guillotine that allows Roberts to get on top and finish the round with weary punches to the body.

Official scores: All three judges have it 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Claude Patrick.