UFC 127 Results: Ross Pearson vs Spencer Fisher

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 26, 2011

Ross Pearson vs. Spencer Fisher
Round 1: Referee Herb Dean gets applause from the crowd as he’s introduced for this lightweight bout. Both men hurling big right hands early with Pearson circling the outside. Solid one-two from Fisher is answered with a Pearson body kick. Fisher lands a hook and Pearson tags him back. Fisher drives Pearson down and Pearson throws up an armbar. He lets it go as Fisher stacks and goes to slam. Back on the feet, it’s Pearson coming over the top while Fisher throws legs kicks. Fisher with a hard right hand down the pipe. Pearson flicks out a left jab and ducks under, and the two appear to clash heads as Fisher paws at his own nose. Pearson’s eye is also looking marked up. Fisher is throwing his hands up and taunting Pearson in the final seconds.

Round 2: Fisher scoring with hard right hands in the opening minute, moving forward on Pearson, who answers with leg kicks. Fisher doubles up beautifully on a straight left and snaps Pearson’s head back. Thudding body kick by Pearson, who follows up with a stiff one-two. Pearson is bleeding from beneath his right eye and grinning at Fisher, who grins back. Another double-left hand by Fisher cracks the Brit. Pearson comes inside and eats a right hook, but manages to tie up. He muscles Fisher into the fence momentarily, until Fisher shoves him off and fires a level elbow. Pearson scores with a right hand and fires a body kick, which Fisher catches. The clinch works out for Pearson, though, as he lands with a few uppercuts. Another hard right from Pearson, who turns the tide in the final minute of the round.

Round 3: The lightweights trade early, but Pearson soon changes levels and muscles Fisher into the fence, then to the floor. Fisher gets right back up, though. The fighters trade single shots and Pearson is getting off quicker. Fisher stuffs a long takedown attempt and ties up Pearson’s head. Nothing comes of it and Pearson stands. Fisher connects with a straight left, but Pearson answers with a sharp combo and a kick to Fisher’s lead leg. Pearson, ducking and slipping punches from Fisher, lands a knee up the middle, then catches a kick and brings his man down. Pearson working from half-guard down the stretch — not throwing much, but working. He finishes the fight on top.

Official scores: The judges’ cards read 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Ross Pearson.

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