UFC 127 Results: Noke vs Camozzi, Lytle vs Ebersole

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 26, 2011

Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi
Round 1: John Sharp is the referee for the first fight of the main card. The middleweights exchange leg kicks and both miss when they go to the head. Camozzi rushes Noke into the fence and scores with a combination, but eats a flurry in return from Noke and then gets tripped to the mat. Noke hops straight into mount and punches away, then rides all over the twisting Camozzi. The Australian takes Camozzi’s back and flattens him out with hooks, slipping in the rear-naked choke for the tap at 1:35 of the first frame.

Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole
Round 1: Steve Perceval is the referee for this clash of American welterweights. For his UFC debut, the Sydney-based Ebersole has shaved his chest hair into a large arrow, which points to his face. There is no touch of gloves as both men crouch low and stalk. Ebersole cartwheels forward and tries to plant his heels on Lytle’s face, but it’s blocked. Ebersole takes a right hand from Lytle and feigns shock as he walks it off around the perimeter. Lytle pushes forward from the center and drills a punch to the body of Ebersole, then goes up top with a right hand. Both men feint and get the other to flinch. Ebersole shoots and gets his head caught under Lytle’s left arm. He bucks and tumbles forward, but still can’t extract himself from Lytle’s guillotine. Ebersole winds up underneath with a headlock of his own, but Lytle gets free. As Ebersole stands, Lytle grabs the guillotine again and falls back to guard. This one doesn’t last long and the pair clinch against the fence with 60 seconds to go. Lytle pulls guard with another guillotine with 45 seconds left, then switches to a triangle. Neither stick and Ebersole, from guard, Mashes Lytle’s head into the mat with his chest. Lytle is cut underneath his left eye at the end of the round.

Round 2: Lytle lands hard right hooks and uppercuts while Ebersole jokes them off. Nice right hand by Ebersole, but his follow-up shot is stuffed. Lytle charges in and lands some uppercuts in close quarters, then drills one to the body of Ebersole. Out of nowhere, Ebersole connects with a huge, high right knee and Lytle’s legs give way. He crumbles to the floor near the fence and Ebersole pounces. Lytle is hanging in there as Ebersole slaps on a brabo choke. Lytle escapes but he’s still badly hurt with a minute left on the clock. Back on the feet, Ebersole lands knees in the clinch and scores with a standing elbow. Lytle grabs at a guillotine and jumps guard, and Ebersole slams him to the floor. He grinds and mashes Ebersole into the mat with his chest to the end of the round.

Round 3: Ebersole tries his cartwheel kick again, and again it doesn’t land flush. Lytle scores with a combination and Ebersole drags him down. Lytle uses the cage to walk up and goes for another guillotine. Lytle pulls guard one more time, then gets on top when Ebersole tries to turn the corner. He gets Ebersole on his back and the choke looks tight, but Ebersole survives. Ebersole pops loose and puts Lytle’s back to the cage. Nice elbow over the top from Ebersole as they stand in the clinch. Referee Perceval calls for a break to replace Lytle’s mouthguard. When they resume, it’s Ebersole kneeing in the clinch, then dragging Lytle down with 45 seconds to go in the fight. Ebersole stands over Lytle, who upkicks and then gets his mouthpiece knocked out again when Ebersole dives through his guard. Lytle’s face is covered with blood when time expires.

Official scores: The judges’ scorecards read 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28, all in favor of Brian Ebersole, who takes a unanimous decision in his UFC debut.

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