UFC 126 Results: Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 05, 2011

Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin

Round One: Griffin got an early takedown as Franklin threw a body kick. Franklin showing off a good defensive guard and Griffin tries to remain active on top. Griffin landing some good elbows but Franklin doing well to control the posture of Griffin for the most part with wrist control. Griffin just continued to wear on Franklin with elbows as Franklin tried to control him but wasn’t threatening off his back. Not the exciting first round we expected but a very good round for Griffin.


Round Two: Griffin landed a good right after Franklin missed. Franklin landing a good body kick but Griffin countering well. Griffin throwing very good leg kicks. Griffin caught a body kick, took the back, and dragged Franklin down. Griffin landed some good punches on the ground and got up but Griffin was still on his back and got him back down. Franklin got back up and separated though.

They trade straight punches. Griffin really looking for the head kick. Griffin stumbled Franklin with a left hook but Franklin was up quickly. Both men landing some good punches but Griffin’s has more sting behind them. Franklin landing the body kick now. Head kick by Griffin as the round ended. Another good round for Griffin with his striking and ground work.

Round Three: Wild exchange with both men missing. Franklin keeps throwing a good body kick and then he stuffed a takedown. They ended up in a clinch and both men tried takedowns but couldn’t complete them. Both men landing some good kicks. Franklin keeps putting his right hook on Griffin but Griffin takes it and fires back. A lot of quick exchanges where neither man is landing clean.

Griffin gets a big takedown with just over a minute remaining but Franklin got to his feet and put Griffin on his back. Griffin was up though and he got Franklin down. Franklin was right back up though and they broke away. Both men swinging and missing as the round ends. Close round but a slight edge to Griffin for the takedowns.

Result: Forrest Griffin def. Rich Franklin via Unanimous Decision

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