UFC 126 Prelim Results: Pierce/Robertson, Kingsbury/Romero, Taylor/Ruediger

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 05, 2011

Mike Pierce vs. Kenny Robertson: Round 1
Referee Herb Dean starts the night off in the welterweight division. The fighters exchange jabs to start the contest. Pierce is able to initiate the clinch with Robertson. The Washington native is able to use the position to drag his opponent to the mat. Robertson is game and fights off the takedown as much as he can. He works back to a standing position. Pierce keeps Robertson’s back in the fence but is landing little in the way of damage. Referee Dean agrees and separates the fighters. Robertson fires a right hand but is clinched up against the fence almost immediately. Pierce fires a right hand to the stomach of Robertson. The round ends with a Pierce takedown. 10-9 Pierce.

Round 2: The second frame starts with the fighters opening up in a flurry. A right lands for Pierce but its the left that sends Kenny Robertson to the floor. Pierce capitalizes on the floor and gets the stoppage at 29 seconds into the second round via TKO.

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Ricardo Romero: Round 1
Light heavyweights continue the action from The Mandalay Bay Events Center. Overseeing the tilt is referee Steve Mazzagatti. The two men touch gloves and the action starts early. Romero gets tied up into the clinch and eats a solid Kingsbury knee. The knees don’t stop there as “Kingsbu” lands a few more to the body before landing a left hook that drops Romero. Mazagatti has seen enough and stops the contest just 21 seconds in the first.

Paul Taylor vs. Gabe Ruediger: Round 1
Lightweights are in the Octagon, along with referee Kim Winslow. After a quick touch of the glove,s Taylor fires a right hand that lands to the head of “Godzilla.” This initiates a clinch from Ruediger, but it doesn’t last long. Taylor launches a left followed by a right which his complemented by a right low kick. The two men clinch again with Ruediger’s back to the fence. Ruediger tries to make space and get a takedown, but Taylor shrugs him off. In space, Ruediger shoots but comes up empty. Taylor clinches again and puts his opponent’s back into the fence. With little action taking place, Winslow separates the two lightweights. Ruediger rushes in for a takedown but fails again. The round ends with a Taylor left hand. 10-9 Taylor.

Round 2: The middle period opens with Taylor launching punches at Ruediger. The former WEC champion falls to his back to lure the Brit to the mat, but Taylor is wise and backs away. On the feet they clinch again and Ruediger is able to force Taylor’s back into the fence. Taylor is able to move off the cage and launches a fight ending flurry. First it’s a left hand that hurts Ruediger. A right causes more damage, but its a left head kick that causes Ruediger to fall to the mat and turtle.

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