UFC 126 Prelim Results: Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 05, 2011

Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly: Round 1
Referee Steve Mazzagatti is in charge of this lightweight matchup. Kelly throws a one-two instead of touching gloves and Cerrone plows him down with a double-leg. Cerrone gets his head clear of a loose guillotine attempt and moves to side control on Kelly. They work back to the feet and Kelly drills a knee in the clinch. He leaps forward and pops Cerrone with a nice left hand, opening up a cut beneath Cerrone’s right eye.

Cerrone puts a straight left on Kelly’s forehead, which Kelly slaps, telling the “Cowboy” to do it again. Cerrone ducks under a looping right from Kelly and slaps a nice kick to the Brit’s body. Solid overhand right connects for Kelly this time. Cerrone times a short Superman punch from Kelly and brings him down, then moves into half-guard. Kelly has both of Cerrone’s arms tied up, not allowing much. Cerrone gets loose in the last 20 seconds and busts Kelly up with short elbows, opening up a cut on the Englishman’s right eyebrow.

Round 2: The fighters touch gloves to start the second. Kelly flurrying with punching combos and leaping knees as Cerrone goes to work with low kicks. Cerrone connects with a left kick to the body-right hook combo. Left jabs getting through for Cerrone now. He drives forward and puts Kelly on his back, but gets caught in a guillotine. It’s not tight, and the Cowboy pops loose and gets to half-guard, then mount.

Kelly eats a few punches before giving up his back, where Cerrone locks up a tight body triangle with 1:50 still on the clock. Kelly, whose cut has opened back up, defends well at first, but a few punches from the back soften him up. Cerrone whips his left arm around Kelly’s throat and rolls him over, squeezing tight. Kelly taps the mat at the 3:48 mark of the second round.

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