Two Infants Strangled Because Of Loose Cables From Baby Monitors

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 16, 2011

According to the CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, two million video monitors under the Summer Infant brand have been recalled because two children have reportedly been strangled because of the loose wires that hinges off the monitors.

On Friday, the recall was announced and the CPSC say that the threat comes from the video’s electrical cords. The commission explains that the cables can hang so loosely near the baby that they can be strangled by it. The recall did not happen because of a theory, it actually happened to two children that were strangled because of the loose wires on the monitors. One baby was killed in Washington, D.C. The other child killed was a 20-month-old baby from Pittsburgh.

The chairman of CPSC had these words for parents, “I urge all parents and caregivers to put at least 3 feet between any video or audio baby monitor cords and a child in a crib. This simple step can save your child’s life.” CSPC explained that the affected monitors were sold between 2003 and 2011. The monitors were sold at all the major retail shops in the United States. Summer Infant estimates that about 1.7 million monitors are expected to be returned.

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