Troubled Actor Charlie Sheen Returning To ‘Men’ Set

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 08, 2011

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen, star of CBS’ number one rated comedy series, “Two And A Half Men” will reportedly resume with his work as the lead actor on the hit television series in two weeks. The news was disclosed by the actor’s attorney, Yale Galanter, yesterday.

Yale Galanter said that the actor is doing absolutely fine right now, and is in a much better condition than before. According to the lawyer, he is also looking good and healthy, and every one wants him to join the show as early as possible. Reportedly, the actor was released from the hospital a few days ago. He suffered from a tremendous pain in his abdomen, after an alleged 36-hour cocaine bender, the night before he was hospitalized. Later on, he decided to go for a rehab facility, although he did not disclose exactly where. According to several sources, he is right now in a rehab, in his own Beverly Hills home. A few days ago, Charlie Sheen’s representative, Stan Rosenfield had also confirmed that the actor is most likely to return to the sets of the “Two And a Half Men” in the latter part of this month.

Yale Galanter also said that in the last few days, he was intensely supported by his family members, and his quick recovery was possible only due to that. He said that he has a very closely knit family, and through out the time he was hospitalized, he was visited by his children. He added, that after he was released from the hospital, he is trying his best to spend some quality time with his kids and family, that include Bob and Max, his 22 months old twin with estranged wife Brooke Mueller; with two more daughters from his ex-partners.

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