‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ Breaks Records, But Still Short Of Predecessor

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 05, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon lead the weekend box office, while breaking records at the same time. Dark of the Moon now rates as the highest grossing movie release ever during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, generating an estimated $97.5 million, that was 10% higher than the previous record-holder, Spider-Man 2 back in 2004, which brought in $88.16. Interestingly, the third holder in the updated list is the original Transformers back in 2007, which brought in $70.5 million. The second Transformers movie in 2009 was released one week before the Independence Day Holiday, and is thus not on the list.

So, Dark of the Moon has brought in record-breaking numbers, but how does it rate compared to the second movie in the franchise, Revenge of the Fallen? First, it should be noted that Dark of the Moon had a special “preview” on Tuesday, June 28, which Revenge of the Fallen never had. Thus, excluding that, and also excluding both movie’s Monday numbers because Revenge of the Fallen didn’t fall on the Independence Day holiday weekend (Wed, June 24 – Sun, June 28 compared to Wed, June 29 – Sun, July 3), Dark of the Moon dropped 22% — $200.08 million for Revenge of the Fallen compared to Dark of the Moon‘s estimated $156.73 million.

In total, however, Dark of the Moon has nothing to be ashamed of as it still did very well in the box-office. Including the Monday numbers, it brought in $116 million during the weekend for a total gross of $181.13 million. The movie now has just short of $400 million in its worldwide box office with it being in theaters in less than a week, and has already made a profit of nearly $200 million in its initial week as the movie had a production budget of $200 million. Not many movies can say that.