Tom DeLay Faces Three Years In Prison For Laundering Money

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 11, 2011

Tom DeLay, a former United States House of Reps member, was just sentenced to three years in prison this past Monday based on allegedly laundering corporate money during the 2002 election. He was convicted in November on one count of money laundering and one count of conspiracy. Previously, in one his interviews, Tom DeLay, who is also known as “The Hammer” said that the judgment was a criminalization of justice as he feels that he is not guilty. However, judge Pat Priest gave his verdict and sentenced him three years in prison on conspiracy charges. The judge sentenced Tom DeLay to five years in prison on money laundering charges but allowed him 10 years probation in exchange of his added prison sentence.

While giving the verdict, Judge Pat Priest told Tom DeLay that America was all about the rule of the law. However, the former U. S. Representative said that he never broke any law and he has maintained as well abided by the rules of the nation. Tom DeLay also said that he would not be ‘remorseful’ about something that he never did. He seemed unrepentant when he said that he fought his own fight and kept faith in himself.

Tom DeLay’s lawyer Dick DeGuerin told a reputed media source that the Congressman would again appeal to the court. His attorney said that Tom DeLay was later released after he paid $10,000 bond. The prosecutors, previously argued that the former U.S. Representative conspired with two of his associates and transferred money in political campaigns. Under Texas law, it is a crime to use corporate money for political purposes.

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