‘The Voice’ Drops In Ratings For Finale, ‘Love In The Wild’ Does Modestly

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 30, 2011

NBC had yet another three-hour block of reality series on Wednesday, including the season finale of an extended The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and the series premiere of Love in the Wild. The network scored 10.18 million and a 3.2 demo in primetime, beating out nearest rival FOX, 5.35 million and a 1.9 demo. ABC scored 3.85 million and a 1.2 demo, tying CBS in the demo, but CBS had more overall viewers with 6.02 million. The CW was last with 973,000 viewers and a 0.4 demo.

NBC opened the night with The Voice, which crowned Javier Colon as the winner of the initial season of the series in the US. The season 1 finale drew 10.77 million and a 3.5 demo. While that was down the night prior’s penultimate episode, it did have America’s Got Talent as its lead-in the night prior. The show was up from last week’s 9.78 million and 3.3 demo in its similar timeslot, sans President Obama’s speech, however.

At 9PM, the network aired America’s Got Talent at an odd timeslot of 9:16-10:16PM, to both give The Voice an over-run, as well as giving the premiere of Love in the Wild a better lead-in and possibly preventing viewers from flipping to other shows considering the odd time Got Talent went off the air. Nonetheless, Got Talent drew 13.3 million and a 4.0 demo at 9PM, up from last week. Love in the Wild drew 6.47 million and a 2.2 demo, which is respectable for summer, but not great considering that it only retained 48% of its lead-in viewers and 55% of its demo.

FOX was hit opposite of the finale of The Voice, as So You Think You Can Dance drew 5.2 million and a 1.8 demo at 8PM, down 11% in total viewers compared to last week and down 14% in the demo. It drew 5.82 million and 2.1 demo last week. FOX aired another episode at 9PM, drawing 5.51 million and a 2.0 demo. That was down 9% from last week’s 6.06 million and down 5% from last week’s 2.1 demo in the 9PM hour.

ABC went with comedy reruns, drawing as following: The Middle, 8PM: 3.75 million and a 0.9 demo; The Middle, 8:30PM: 3.94 million and a 1.1 demo; Modern Family: 4.35 million and a 1.5 demo; Happy Endings: 2.79 million and a 1.0 demo. ABC capped off the night with a new episode of Primetime: Nightline, bringing in 4.16 million viewers and a 1.2 demo.

CBS went with reruns of Undercover Boss, 4.52 million and a 1.2 demo, Criminal Minds, 6.15 million and a 1.2 demo, and CSI, 7.37 million and a 1.3. CW aired two reruns of America’s Next Top Model, the first drawing 950,000 viewers and a 0.4 demo, and the 9PM encore drawing the same demo with 990,000 viewers.

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