The Tigers Defeat LSU At The Cotton Bowl

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 08, 2011

FOX’s coverage of the The Cotton Bowl, which took place last night between LSU Tigers and Texas A&M, came to an end in favor of the Tigers with an end score of 41-24. The Tigers ranks 11th, while Texas ranks 18th. However, apart from the players, it was probably their coach Les Miles, who was delighted the most, as for the first time in his six years career as a coach, the team finished four seasons with more than 11 wins.

Jordan Jefferson was one of the best performers in the Cotton Bowl, as he threw three touch down passes to Terrence Toliver, scoring for 42 passes. He also completed 10 of the 19 passes for 158 yards. Even Stevan Ridley gave an amazing performance when with his 17-yard touch down run, thereby giving the team a 21-17 lead, when 4:43 minutes were left for the second quarter. Spencer Ware also ran with 10 carries for 102 yards. With an early 10-0 deficit, the LSU geared their spirit right from the second quarter with 35-7 stretch. They converted 5 third downs, three of which were bases on long yard running.

Texas coach Mike Sherman said that LSU definitely played better than them and gave the best that they could. However something went wrong on their parts to bring the match in their favor. This is the team’s ninth loss of all their Bowl appearances, right on their home ground in front of 83,514 fans. The person from Texas who acted as the savior was Cyrus Gray. He threw a 14-yard touchdown pass to Uzoma Nwachukwu, and ran 100 yards for 20 carries, for the seventh time consecutively. Uzoma Nwachukwu even caught a 6-yard throw from Ryan Tannehill.

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