The Story Behind The Craigslist Killings Movie: Megan McAlister & Phillip Markoff

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 04, 2011

If you watched Lifetime’s special made-for-television-movie earlier tonight, you may be somewhat familar with the Craigstlist killings that transpired in 2009. For those you leery or unsure of the full story, here it is.

Megan McAlister and Philip Markoff were married, when Mark was suddenly arrested. Megan McAlister and Philip Markoff were portrayed by Jake McDorman and Agnes Bruckner in the Lifetime movie tonight appropriately entitled Craigslist Killer. Julissa Brisman was only 26 when Philip Markoff, the Craigslist Killer, killed her. When the case first broke Julissa Brisman, who was killed by Markoff, said he was “a beautiful person inside and out who would not hurt anybody.”

On August 14, 2010, Philip Markov committed suicide.

The first date for the couple was in 2005. Three years later, they were engaged. On their website, they boasted of their first meeting, “We met while going to college at the University at Albany together. Megan McAlister was a senior, and Phil was a sophomore. Our apartment building was next door, and we do not even know that until we met one day in the hospital. We both started Volunteer at a hospital on Sept. 19, 2005. We volunteered in the emergency room together and spent about 2 months of pressing down the corridors of the stretcher and bring blood and urine disease together before our first date on Nov. 11, 2005.”

The Couple even designated the March of Dimes as a charity of choice for their wedding.

Shortly after the arrest of Markoff, McAllister issued a statement, protecting Markoff. “For me and my family, he is a loving and caring person and in the eyes of the law and the Constitution, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Markoff was charged in three cases – Julissa Brisman and Trisha Loeffler included. The District Attorney made the following statement on news about the meeting Markov Brisman: “There was a very brief encounter with Julissa Brisman. He tied her hands, he’s communication, which he used to Trisha Loeffler, and they were very, very violent struggle. And in the course of this struggle, he struck Ms. Brisman in the head a pistol. Then He pressed the gun into his chest, and he fired a gun. She suffered three gunshot wounds, and he fled the grounds. ”

Despite the charges against Markoff, Megan McAlister originally believed that she was still going to marry to marry Markoff: “We expect to get married in August and share a wonderful, meaningful life together.”

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