The National Enquirer Says Todd Palin Had An Affair On Sarah Palin

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 23, 2011

Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd Palin, has allegedly been busted for indulging into a scandal with an Alaska based woman, identified as Shailey Tripp. This woman have been previously arrested by the police for carrying out an alleged prostitution racket in March 2010. However, professionally, apart from being the owner of the brothel, Shailey Tripp is also a massage therapist, and some sources say that she is also a computer technician.

PHOTOS FROM THE ENQUIRER: Todd Palin’s alleged mistress, Shailey Tripp. Scroll through our image gallery to see the photos of the other woman Todd Palin allegedly had an affair with

The National Enquirer has declared that they have unearthed proof that can tie Todd Palin to the massage therapist. They said that they have confiscated certain “physical evidence” that showed Shailey Tripp has given free massages to a man who was working for Sarah Palin’s campaign, before she became the governor of Alaska. Some tenants in the building, where this lady works, have told the authorities that they have seen Todd Palin coming out of her office and have heard certain noises, that was similar to the sounds that is generally produced while having sex.

This lady, with whom Todd Palin is apparently having an extra marital affair, was arrested in March last year, as the police discovered that she maintained a”House of Prostitutes”. However, she was not sentenced to jail, but was asked to ban on Craigslist ads, get involved in 80 hours of voluntary services, and was fined with $500 at that time. The judicial authorities said that if Shailey Tripp successfully abides by these terms and conditions, her case would be dismissed. No reports have been found to prove whether she has successfully lived up to these terms and conditions or not. Nevertheless, many sources are under the impression, that even if the sources prove Todd’s Palin’s infidelity, it will not be surprising, as even in 2008 and 2009, he was allegedly having an extra marital affair, behind his ex-Governor wife, which he kept on denying.

To view exclusive shots of the Enquirer, including photos of the woman Palin allegedly had an affair with, click here to scroll through our image gallery.

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