The Man Behind The Juicer, Jack LaLanne, Dies At 96

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 24, 2011

Jack LaLanne, otherwise known to many as the “The Godfather of Fitness”, has died at the age of 96. Jack LaLanne was well known to many for his ageless pursuit of fitness and most currently, his infomercials on juicing. Yet, Mr. LaLanne was also a pioneer too. He opened a health spa in Oakland back in 1936 and went onto creating a system of pulleys, cables & selective weights in lifting machines. We now see these type of machines in most gyms today.

Those of us that can remember his television show many years ago called “The Jack LaLanne Show.” My own life in fitness was inspired by Jack LaLanne and his fitness show. He would challenge and motivate us often. And because he showed the world what can be done when we are fit, we did. He proved through challenging himself that a functionally fit person can overcome what seems impossible and make it possible. When he turned 40, he towed a 2,000 lb cabin cruiser with his hands ties behind his back.

At age 65, Jack pulled 65 rowboats across Lake Okanogo in Japan. At age 70, he went further when he had his hands tied, and then managed to pull 70 rowboats, each with a person in it, across Long Beach Harbor. That was approximately 1 and 1/2 miles. He kept challenging himself since then. I still remember one challenge back in the 80s where he proposed to any person that could keep up with him for one day that he would give them $10,000. One person tried and failed.

I want to challenge each person to live up to the legacy that Mr. Jack LaLanne left for all of us by giving your best in living and truly healthy and fit life. Do it for yourself and those you love. That’s all I can ask of you and you of yourself. give it your best effort. Start from where you’re at and challenge yourself to make improvements regularly.

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