The Cast Of ‘Two And A Half Men’ Reportedly Furious With Charlie Sheen

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 17, 2011

As of late, Two and a Half Men lead actor Charlie Sheen has been on a rocky road, halting production on the hit CBS sitcom. Apparently, the production has not made his co-stars and those that work on the series behind the scenes not very happy. The highly talented actor has caused all sorts of inconveniences including monetary loss to the crew and its production team with his private lifestyle.

The crew already estimates that if Sheen stays out of trouble and return on February 28 as he has promised, they would only be doing 20 episodes instead of the 24 episodes that they hoped to give this season. And since many people that work on the series get paid by the episode, this has got people upset they are losing income due to the troubles of Sheen. The show’s executive producer, Chuck Lorre, had a very interesting perspective on Sheen’s lifestyle. He believes that there is no way Sheen is going to live much longer if he goes on with his lifestyle. Lorre told E! that he will really be pissed if Sheen got to outlive him.

Sheen doesn’t see anything wrong with what he is doing. He believes that it is his private life and should be made to remain that. In a recent interview, he even went as far as inferring that staying sober was ‘boring.’ His rep didn’t respond to the queries from E! Online.

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