Teen In Alleged Hit-And-Run Hate Crime Isolated From Other Prisoners

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 21, 2011

The white teenager who is being accused of murdering a black man is being held in isolation at a facility in Hinds County near Jackson, Mississippi without bond. Deryl Dedmon, 19, allegedly intentionally ran over James Craig Anderson, 49, on June 26 in a hate crime incident in the parking lot of the Metro Inn.

Hinds County Sherriff’s Department spokesman Lt. Jeffrey Scott said on Friday that the Dedmon is being locked up in isolation because of the “amount of publicity associated with this case” and because they wanted to “separate Mr. Dedmon from the general population.”

One of Dedmon’s alleged accomplices, John Rice, 18, has been charged with assault, but it is not known if he will face additional charges at this time. Attorneys for both the teens have denied that they took part in a racially motivated crime, but rather said that they were on a beer run after a night of partying.

Motel surveillance footage of the incident in question linked Dedmon to the crime. The footage revealed Dedmon and other teenagers beating Anderson and then using their green Ford 2-50 to run him over. At the teen’s bond hearing on July 6, it was revealed that Dedmon also called a friend to brag about what he had done after running over the man and allegedly robbing him. Reports suggest that he and his friends also directed numerous racial slurs at the man before and after the incident as well.

The victim’s sister, Barbara Anderson Young, told WJTV reporters at her lawyer’s office on Friday that she is unhappy that only two people are being charged for the alleged murder. “Go to Brandon and get the other five murderers who committed such a horrendous violent act against my beloved brother,” she said.

The teen could face the death penalty if convicted in the alleged hate crime, and will be prosecuted on a capital murder charge in the death of the autoworker.

If you missed the news story that was broken by CNN earlier this month and want to hear the entire story, you can view the graphic video footage of the incident in question, including motel surveillance tape, in the embedded video below:

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