‘Taxi’ Co-Star Marilu Henner Talks About The Death Of Jeff Conaway

Written by Michael Lambarde on May. 28, 2011

Marilu Henner, who worked with the late Jeff Conaway in the first three seasons on the ABC/NBC sitcom Taxi, recently opened up on the death of Conaway, who passed away at age 60 this past Friday. Talking to People Magazine, she said that “[Conaway] was such a sweetheart. I’ve known him since November 28, 1972”. Henner, of course, has hyperthymesia (Superior Autbiographical Memory), a rare condition which helps her recall trivial events and dates from her past.

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“We did ‘Grease’ together before we did ‘Taxi’. We traveled in the national company of ‘Grease’… so I was connected to him, and worked with him quite a few times. We were like babies together,” Henner said. “And then when he got ‘Taxi’ it was so great. He always reminded me of my brother Tommy, and I always reminded him of his sister Michelle, so we felt a real familial kind of connection.”

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Conaway passed away after spending weeks in a coma which was thought to be brought on by a prescription drug overdose. He died on Friday after his family decided to take him off of life support. Prior to the decision, doctors told the family that Conaway didn’t have any activity to his brain.

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