Survey: Internet Explorer Users Have Low IQs

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 30, 2011

A recent study by the Vancouver-based AptiQuant suggests that if you use the browser that comes as a default on Microsoft-based computers, Internet Explorer, your IQ may be lower than others that use other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. According to AptiQuant, over 100,000 people were directed to online IQ tests where the company noted along with the results of the test what type of browser they were using.

They compared the following browsers to the results they received when they conducted a similar test back in 2006: Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safai, Internet Explorer with a Chrome frame, Camino, and Opera. Users using Internet explorer version 6, which was released 10 years ago, scored by far the lowest IQ score with just over 80, just under Internet Explorer version 7 (~85), Internet Explorer version 9 (~90), and Internet Explorer version 8 (~92). Exact numbers in the bar graph provided by AptiQuant weren’t given, which is why all numbers are estimations.

One of the reason that AptiQuant decided to provide comparisons to its 2006 study is because defenders of Internet Explorer will argue that since the browser is by far the most used of any other provided in the test — and therefore likely had the most people taking the test compared to the other browsers — is because in their 2006 study, Internet Explorer visitors had an average IQ of over 100, more than 20 points than the test taken five years later. Why does this matter? Back in 2006, more people were using IE than do today — and therefore more people probably took the test back in ’06 and by that logic, should have had similar results to the test taken this year.

Users that use Firefox had an average IQ rating of about ~107%, 7 points above the national average IQ rating. Google’s Chrome had an IQ rating of about ~110, while Safari — on Apple products — had ~113. According to the survery, those that use Internet Explorer with a Chrome frame (~123), Camino (~125) and Opera (~127) were those with the highest IQ scores. As you can imagine, this survey isn’t one that is taken seriously by many, and likely won’t make Microsoft (the world’s most popular browser with 43% of users using it) very happy as its browser has once again got snubbed.