Super Bowl Sightings: Cameron Diaz Feeds A-Rod Popcorn, Fans Turned Away

Written by Rob Soto on Feb. 07, 2011

While thousands gathered around the football field to watch the Super Bowl being broadcasted on television around many parts of the world, viewers that watched at home had quite the treat by some of the sightings observed by the NFL cameras. Because of the ongoing construction to fix the stadium which was damaged by a Texas sized snowstorm, four hundred fans, some of whom had paid thousands to attend the game, were refused their ticketed seats. They were recompensed three times the eight hundred dollar ticket price, and will be invited to the Super Bowl as guests of the NFL in 2012. They had to stand to watch this year.

But a few others fans, who were seated quite well, did not have their attention fully focused on the game. As the camera spanned the audience in the FOX broadcasting booth, John Madden is seen texting from his cell phone, and Cameron Diaz is feeding popcorn to Texas Ranger Alex Rodriguez. Just as the camera shows Cameron and A Rod, the announcer states that A Rod is probably not happy that they just happened to catch that scene between the two lovebirds.

Video: Cameron Diaz feeds A-Rod popcorn, John Madden caught texting!

Coincidentally, the first time Alex Rodriguez and Camron Diaz were spotted getting cozy was at last year’s Super Bowl party.

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