Steve Carell Says Goodbye To NBC’s ‘The Office’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 30, 2011

After seven seasons on NBC’s hit comedy series The Office, Steve Carell officially goodbye to the series this past Thursday during an expanded edition of the peacock’s number one rated comedy. NBC decided against having the season finale featuring Carell’s farewell likely because they didn’t want to leave viewers thinking that the season came to an end. Instead, a slew of guest stars are set to appear on the series in the coming weeks leading up to the season finale in May.

Carell, who played Michael Scott, left many viewers longtime viewers of the show heartbroken, which should be interesting to see if it eventually turns people off having Office being Carell-less. Nonetheless, the storyline excuse for Carell’s exit from the show saw him leaving Dunder Mifflin in favor of moving to the Colorado area with his fiancee Holly.

NBC is still looking to find a replacement for Carell on the series when it returns next year without him. The reason why NBC isn’t ending it even though its major star is exiting from it is because the comedy series is till the highest rated comedy series on the network, and the number one rated series on the all-important Thursday night line-up, which NBC used to dominate for decades, but has fallen well behind in recent years.