Spoiler: ‘Big Brother 13’ Star Officially Leaves The House – Details

Written by Keith Roberts on Jul. 08, 2011

Evel Dick Donato, who competed in and won season 8 of Big Brother has officially left the house. This comes after the houseguests were left speculating where he went after he entered the Diary Room and went missing for hours. Some of the contestants joked that Donato has been in there for at least three hours, which is impossible, because he needs to have a cigarette so often. Very early this morning eastern time, his daughter Danielle was very upset with the producers for not telling her what happened with her father. She would be called in later where the producers apparently explained that he had to leave.

A statement by CBS said, “Due to a personal matter, Big Brother houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday. His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.”

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