Spoiler: Big Brother 13 HOH Winner For Week 7 Revealed

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 18, 2011

After the CBS broadcast went off the air, the live HOH competition continued on the live feeds. For those of you who weren’t able to catch the live episode on CBS, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Rachel, Adam, Porsche, and Kalia were given small measuring-size cups and needed to run across a slippery surface and transfer liquid from their large barrel on one end to a large sized glass bowl across from it. The new HOH was crowned once the ball was actually grabbed from the bowl.

If you want to find out what happened during the live feeds and who will be your next Head of Household, keep reading ahead.

In the early goings once the live feed returned, everyone was at about the same level with the outgoing HOH, Daniele, noticing how close everyone was. The equal game, however, came to an end just minutes after as Big Jeff took the lead in the game. Jeff also had an incident where he started choking quite badly on the soap as bubbles poured on him. He joked that maybe he should vomit in his container.

Porsche was the person that seemed to be in second place, but clearly far enough where she likely wasn’t going to beat Jeff. At the end of the competition, it was indeed Jeff who won the HOH, and is the next person who has power in the Big Brother 13 house. After the competition, Dani says that she had a similar HOH competition in her season except the bowl was much bigger. Adam says that he wouldn’t have been able to do this if he didn’t lose all the weight that he did, and says his ankles hurt.

Check out more detailed competition results here.

  • Bigbrother

    Time to vote off the biggest loser bitch kalia. Fuck I hate her

  • Jinkweaver

    Uh oh! I worry for Porsche and Kalia!

  • SM


    • Keely

      please, please, please backdoor Dani because if Jeff puts her and Kalia on the block, she will win POV, she’s that good. If he backdoors her, someone is bound to win POV and Jeff could work out a deal with that person to Use it, pulling someone down and backdooring Dani. This will make if certain she goes. She has a large chip on her shoulder, I guess it came from having a Dad that didn’t give a darn about her, I don’t know.

      • Fergi68

        Keep Daniele…. She is not afraid to go after the threats

  • CM

    I actual like Rachel so I hope jeff keeps her around. I like the drama she makes. I don’t like Kalia or Dani they are just as cocky as Racheal but don’t get the whiplash from others that Rachel always gets.

  • Kronnie

    Glad it wasn’t Kalia or Porsche. This isn’t going to happen, but I’d like for Shelly to be evicted. She bounces around the house too much and flat out lies constantly. I’m also sick of all the bawling whenever family’s mentioned. Seriously, we get that you’re a mom by now.

    • Keely

      I also cannot stand the way Shely’s face gets when she bawls, she looks horrid.

    • Fun

      Another thing I hate is how she’s constantly complaining about Rachel every chance she gets. She, a 41 year old woman, even stole her stuffed animal and is talking about cutting its leg off and leaving it on her bed. This after ‘starting with a clean slate’ and talking about how wise and mature she is. I honestly can’t stand this woman.

  • Guest

    Put Kalia and Porsche up. Then Backdoor Dani!!! BOOOYEEAH

  • Felcitylin

    I like Rachel, because everyone is saying that she is a liar, the number one liar there is Shelley. She was the one going back and forth, anyway, also, everyone lies and it is part of the game. Why ostracized and picked on one person. She could be annoying but I like rooting on the under dog especially the one being picked on. Rachel is true because her emotions shows it.

  • Fergi68

    it is time for foul mouth Jeff to go. And Jordan who claims she wants to get rid of the so called floaters. What has Jordan done? Oh right she was given an HOH by Jeff and Brandon… Other than that, nothing but going from being sweet and nasty too.

    • Trixhottie101

      You no what honestly I don’t think u no what Yur talking bout and his name is brenden not Brandon so get yu facts straight u stupid floater

  • I hate Kalia and I think Dani is the Devil. Shelley is a 2 faced lying witch and Adam is a big cuddly bear. Porsche is only concerned about how she looks and is useless. Jordan is a cute little girl that no one wants to hurt her feelings Jeff has a lot of spirit and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of him. Racheal is a really great competitor but is letting her heart get in the way of the game, but she is still my favorite and i hope she makes it to the end!